Agent Training

I’d like to introduce a basic training class

and invite you to become a Professional Travel Agent

For many years I have been concerned about where new travel agents will get their foundation training. Time was when you could go into a brick and mortar office, pour coffee, file brochures, answer phones and listen and learn from veterans. Those days are gone. So, now, here is your chance for that training that is so vital.

I have often said that being a Professional Travel Agent is a lot like a juggler. You could have several pieces of the travel booking and if you drop one piece, all the balls come down. You are handling the dreams and emotions of people and that can cause extreme anxiety. I have owned 5 businesses over the past 30 years and without a doubt this one is the most difficult and most rewarding. Just hearing the words “it was awesome” from a client, makes it all worthwhile.

This industry is changing constantly and you have to be ready to roll with the flow. With a good foundation, your career can be fun and profitable.

Learning before you leap will keep you out of most of the trouble. My desire is to help you with the basics and point you to where you can get further information later.

Travel Agent Training 101

will guide you in setting up your home based business. This is more than a desk and chair. You need to have forms for your bookings, proper licenses and insurance. How to work with suppliers, consortiums, hosts and websites are essential.

Travel Agent Training 201

will give you the basics of booking different kinds of pieces of travel such as air, cars, hotel, trains, etc. Then we talk about travel packages – what they are and how to book them.

Travel Agent Training 301

will take you to selling cruises and groups. This is where the money is and you will get some information that can help you do just that. These are my favorites and I hope this teaching will take the fear out of selling them.

Travel Agent Training 401

will give you the knowledge to sell cruises professionally.  This course is very detailed about every aspect of the cruise industry.

Travel Agent Training Bonus A 1

tells you the necessary information for Invoices and Disclaimers.

Travel Agent Training Bonus B 1

has some great training about Getting and Keeping Clients.

Take College-level classes online, at your pace, whenever and wherever you want. No tests ever.

  • 36 Classes of various lengths. Usually less than 30 minutes including 2 Bonus lessons.
  • 32 Document downloads to customize to your company’s needs.
  • 17 Resource Guides with contact information

There are no training classes like these anywhere. Created for anyone wanting to learn the travel business at any level.

Take the classes at your leisure, whenever and wherever you want. Come in your pajamas – no one is checking. Enjoy the journey
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