Affiliates can increase your bottom line

Affiliate link

Affiliate link

Are you utilizing Affiliate programs?  I have just set up a program for my online travel agent training school.  I would be happy to have anyone partner with me.  There are some serious commissions in these programs.


To check out my online school, go to   There is no other school like this anywhere at any price.  I call it Basic Training for becoming a Professional Travel Agent.  There is still a need for our services, but you need training.  You don’t just wake up in a morning saying “I like to travel. I think I’ll be a travel agent.”  This is also not a membership club where you “travel for free”!!

It is a very complex industry and you need detailed instruction before embarking on this journey.  It is profitable, but you can quickly loose everything with one mistake.  You are dealing with people’s money and dreams and you better not miss a step.

To download my free Affiliate Agreement, go to  I would love to have you join me and increase your bottom line.  You can have a button and link on your website for this program.

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