Adventure Travel

Adventure Travel will take you away from the same old kind of travel?

bored traveler

bored traveler

Is your family bored with the same-old vacations every year?  Want some place different?  Something with some adventure or excitement?

Here are some options:


    • Heli-skiing and heli-hiking.  Now there is the extreme.  But you will be almost alone and into scenery that is way off the beaten path.  The companies will transport you to skiing in the most beautiful powder you have ever seen.  As for hiking, get up close to nature with their awesome guides.  Bring your children and get them outdoors and into a new adventure.
    • Dude Ranches
      Dude Ranches

      Dude and Guest ranches are in many states.  These include as much or as little as you want to do.  Some have roundups, trail rides, swimming pools, camp fires at night, golfing and many many more activities.  Be as rustic or as comfortable as you want  Bring the family and friends on these interesting trips.


    • Hiking tours
      Hiking tours

      Walking or biking tours are popular all over the world.  Many tour companies have wonderful places to see as you walk along.  When you get tired, have a seat in a van that follows you.



    • Is cooking and culinaryexplorations of interest to you?  How about going to a local market with a chef and picking out dinner for the evening.  Learn their secrets to take home with you.
      • Ecotours

        Eco tourism is a big field now.  Check out the polar bears, penguins or other wild life all over the world.  Take a trek through a jungle and see the flora and fauna.

    • Are you a fisherman?  Lakes, streams, or salt water?  There are many guided tours to unusual places.  Catch that big one and have talking points for years.  Or maybe some unusual kind of fish that almost got away.
    • Diving trips .   What kind of a diver are you?  Wreck dives, wall dives, shark dives?  Check out some of these awesome places all over the world.  There is a whole world under the water to explore.
    • Whitewater rafting.  Many rivers both in the US and other places that can give you a thrill.  If that is too extreme, some have float trips to quiet and wonderful places where you see the wild life up close.

Have I pricked your imagination?  Just get out and see the world before you leave it.  Book it yourself on my web site or call me.

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