A Travel Horror Story

Who would ever think this beautiful lobby has a horror story.

A lobby with a story

A lobby with a story

Kevin booked his family to Hawaii in February.  Paid in full with confirmations in hand, off they went in August.  The airline was fine, the rental car was fine, but when the parking attendant at the hotel didn’t have them on his list, Kevin had a sinking feeling in his gut.  

He goes into the lobby to check in – no reservation!!  Not only that, Honolulu is sold out because of an event.  Telephone calls between the hotel, the booking company, Kevin, the booking company, the hotel, etc. etc.  Nothing.  After over 3 hours, the hotel manager checked them in and told them – “we have no agreement with Orbitz”!!

Was it easy to book online?  Oh yes, of course it was.  It is meant to be easy so you will get suckered in.  But it is what happens when you take that trip that makes it hard.  Kevin’s story is not unusual.  So what should you do?

  • Book with a real live travel agent.  Where are we?  In the last 8 years, most have moved to home offices and it is hard to find us.  With one big exception – ME!!  You can find me all over Google!!
  • Well, you like fiddling on the computer – then fiddle on my website.  Everything is there that you find on the 1,000# Gorillas.  With one big exception, I am your back up – 1 phone call, no buttons to push!!
  • Every piece you book yourself, you need to call to confirm – air, car, hotel, tours, etc.  That is when that “easy” booking becomes “hard”.
  • There are tricky things to know booking on your own.  Such as, holidays, weather seasons, airline connections, arrival and departure times, airline codes (these will trip you up often) and the best locations.

Kevin’s parting words when we talked – “I will never book Orbitz or any online company ever again!!!”.  He has my card.  Now you have my contact information.  Talk to you soon!!

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