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Did you know someone has been subsidizing your vacation?

For you to take a vacation that required an air segment, you have been at the mercy of the airline competition who were dictating the price of their seats.  If a carrier needed to fill a plane or make a payroll, a “fare sale” would pop up and sometimes we only had an hour or so to buy those tickets.  I have even seen the fare change while I was in the booking process.  It is very difficult for clients to understand, but airlines can change their prices 3 times a day.   Those “fare wars” may be a thing of the past as higher pricing is here and may go higher.

Hotels, on the other hand, have been reducing the pricing of their rooms to put heads on the beds.  So when you book a tour with air and hotel segments, the tour operators could offer a better pricing.   If you book each piece individually, you would not get that advantage.

Economists predict that in the coming years more than one billion Chinese will become middle class and begin to travel.  Also hundreds of millions in India, Russia and Brazil will join them.  Thus will end the hotel subsidizing the airlines and keeping prices low for Americans.

Best vacation value

Best vacation value

In the cruise industry we are seeing higher pricing, also.  For too long they have had to lower their pricing to fill their cabins.  We see those prices going up and so are the air fares to get to the cruise ships.  The cruise vacation is still the best vacation value.

I am wondering if, in the future, a family vacation will mean saving for years, like we did 40 years ago?  To take advantage of every possible pricing for your vacation, you need a certified travel agent who has their “ear to the ground”.  We can get you the best pricing to make your travel dream come true.

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