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The reports of travel agent deaths have been premature.

Stop the Funeral

Stop the Funeral

Travel agents have not died.  We are not obsolete.  We are not unneeded.  We are not dinosaurs.  Cancel that funeral. 

We are alive and well!!!    According to the Chris Owen, “a travel agent is your friend in the travel business.”  In today’s complex travel climate, you need someone who can quickly pinpoint exactly what you need.  You could spend hours doing research and only become confused.  A certified travel agent can qualify you and point you in the right direction.

It is fine for you to do your own research and figure out what is available.  Bring that information to me and I will find you the best way to see the world before you leave it.  There are many ways, but not all are right for you.

Many of my clients are now my dear friends.  I know what they like and when I see a special or an opportunity, I can let them know about their next adventure.  Because of this, I have helped them to see the world and been there to hold their hands. 

You, too,  might like to become a profitable travel agent.  Take the classes at Certified Travel Teacher and get college-level training that isn’t offered any place else.  You might have found the spot to fit your dreams.

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