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Disneyland California

There is no other company is the world like Walk Disney. I am a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge – mortar board with ears. The only vacation place I have ever been to where I don’t hear tears. There is more to Disney than meets the eye. They are very strict about their rules to protect their brand. That reflects on the outward product you see and enjoy.

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Christmas Market Stall

Christmas Markets

I was so excited to be heading to Vienna in December. All the things I had read about seeing were finally going to come to pass. I was ready to begin.

There are several ways to see the Christmas Markets. An eight day cruise between Frankfurt and Nuremberg on Uniworld’s Boutique River Collection is one way.

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Travel Planning - Cruise and Tour Planner

Travel Changes

How Can You Plan for Emergency Travel Changes? In recent days we have seen the sad news of the Costa Concordia that rolled over in the Mediterranean. The passengers who got off had nothing. No identification No passports No money No medicine No personal belongings No cell phones No list of phone numbers No credit […]

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