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Life After…

What will life be like after...- Certified Travel Teacher

What’s in your future? What will life be like…

After selling a business?
After leaving a job?
After children are gone?
What will life be like after…you fill in the blank as this question fits you. Continue reading

Travel Business

The reports of travel agent deaths have been premature. Travel agents have not died.  We are not obsolete.  We are not unneeded.  We are not dinosaurs.  Cancel that funeral.  We are alive and well!!!    According to the Chris Owen, “a travel agent is your friend in the … Continue reading

Change Careers

Career change – force or choice?   Do you like to travel?  Do you have wonderful stories to share from your travel experiences?  Maybe a career in the travel industry would be a good fit for you?    There are … Continue reading

I Am A Travel Teacher

drive thru for food-not for travel - Cruise and Tour Planners

What makes a Travel Agent a Travel Teacher? Not all Travel Agents are Travel Teachers.  Some are only “order takers”.  Like a drive-thru fast food restaurant – you tell someone what you want and out pops a ticket.  Maybe that … Continue reading

Disneyland California


There is no other company is the world like Walk Disney. I am a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge – mortar board with ears. The only vacation place I have ever been to where I don’t hear tears. There is more to Disney than meets the eye. They are very strict about their rules to protect their brand. That reflects on the outward product you see and enjoy. Continue reading