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Olympic Training

Watching the Olympic Games is an emotional roller coaster.

I cry with those who lose and cheer with those who win. I can’t even imagine the road these athletes took to get to this place and the intensity of training it has taken. In one moment, they know if it was worth it.

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Soaring Career

Eagles!! I have always loved eagles.

We have an island just a short drive from our house where we have counted over 30 eagles sitting on the sand bar in the river feeding on the left overs from the whales that come in during the night and eat the shrimp.

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Basic Training

Without basic training we would never send a young man or woman into battle.  Some friends of ours have a son in basic training in the Marines.  When these guys come out, they are rough and ready for the fight. How about becoming an accountant, doctor, attorney or other profession?  They have to go through […]

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