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Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua is a cruise port as well as a land vacation destination.  Located in the West Indies, Antigua is 108 Sq. Miles of low undulating hills with the highest point 1319 Ft. above sea level.   Barbuda is 28 miles northeast … Continue reading

Visit British Barbados

  This island of Barbados has the advantage of two very different coasts.  The West Coast on the Atlantic Ocean with the rough water and prime surfing.  On the East Coast are the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea.  Barbados … Continue reading

Belize Adventures

Belize is an outdoor lover’s dream destination Belize  is mostly known as a diver’s paradise with the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world.  Ambergris Caye off the North Coast is the best area for diving. The highlight is the famed … Continue reading

Caribbean Islands

Caribbean What do you think of when you want that perfect place to recharge? Warm, sunny, beautiful beaches, clear water, lots of activities, nightlife, quiet, active, and don’t forget romantic? There is something for everyone in the beautiful Caribbean. Although … Continue reading

Kauai-Paradise in Hawaii

Has winter gotten a grip where you live?  Where do you go to find sun and warm? Hawaii, of course.  I have been 26 times to the tropical Paradise.  But it has been 20 years since we went to Kauai.  … Continue reading