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What Do Travel Agents Do - Cruise and Tour Planners

Learning the Travel Business In Order

When you picked the travel agent career, did you see the whole picture at the beginning? This industry is extremely complex and has so many different “pictures”. Even after scores of years, new pictures are constantly emerging. This is what makes it exciting and challenging. Every new contact becomes a new adventure and a new “brick” for your wall of knowledge.

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Gift Yourself - Cruise and Tour Planners

Gift Yourself

When Was The Last Time You Gave a Gift to Yourself? Thinking about your profession, what do you need to do to step up to a higher level? Most of the time more education is the key, and it’s a great gift to give yourself. Many professions have CEU credits that their professionals must earn […]

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Image of Your career can soar like an eagle - Certified Travel Teacher

Soaring Career

Eagles!! I have always loved eagles.

We have an island just a short drive from our house where we have counted over 30 eagles sitting on the sand bar in the river feeding on the left overs from the whales that come in during the night and eat the shrimp.

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