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How to Get Your Career to Soar

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Soaring Eagle

Eagles!!  I have always loved eagles.

We have an island just a short drive from our house where we have counted over 30 eagles sitting on the sand bar in the river feeding on the left overs from the whales that come in during the night and eat the shrimp.

I love watching how the eagles catch the wind currents and soar to great heights.  Yet their eyes are so keen they can see that salmon in the water.

The way these eagles train their young is a wonder.  The nests are first filled with stickers and then covered in soft down.  When Mom eagle decides it is time for baby eagle to get out of this nest, she stirs up the soft down and the babies have to perch on the edge.  Then she gently pushes them out into the air and they fly or die!!

Eagles vs Chickens

Famous chickens of Kauai

Famous chickens of Kauai

Then you have chickens.  They might flap about a foot off the ground on a dead run.  I watch them in my neighbor’s yard.  Pecking on the ground with their heads down.  Never any hope of rising higher.

Which do you want to be…an eagle or a chicken?  It is your time to fly and catch those air currents that will take your business to new heights you have never known.

Get out of the nest, baby eagle, and fly, fly, fly.  I will help you become the professional travel agent you should be to be profitable.

You can also get my training manual “Become a Home Travel Agent” at or the ebook at  Nothing like this anywhere at any price.

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