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Are You Excited or Enthusiastic About Your Career as a Travel Agent?

Exciting Careers - Certified Travel TeacherThe crowds at all sporting events are over-the-top-enthusiastic!!!  They come dressed for the “success” of their team or participant.  Colored hair, faces, clothes and all sorts of banners.

The yelling and cheering raises the roofs of the arenas or drowns out the engines of the cars and boats.  Even if their selection has had a losing streak, there are the fans ready for that win.

Are you excited about your profession?

Do you have fun learning about new destinations?  When you go see a cruise ship does your heart patter a bit wishing you could stowaway?  When you head to the airport to go to that new destination, are you excited to get on the plane?  When you talk to clients about a destination you have visited, does that excitement show in your face and voice?

If you don’t have the passion for the business, you will have a hard time sharing with a potential client.  Even if you don’t care for the destination the client wants to visit, can you make yourself act excited?

Online Travel Class- Cruise and Tour PlannersPerhaps you need to take some exciting online classes to get you fired up about this amazing industry.  Who else gets to see the world before they leave it?  Maybe a sailor!!

Come to my online travel agent training school and add some excitement to your career.  No matter how many years you have been in the industry, I can help you become the profitable professional you want to be.

The course is also available in manual form without my witty narration at Amazon.com or in the Kindle version – “Become a Home Travel Agent”.

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