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What Do Travel Agents Do - Cruise and Tour Planners

Learning the Travel Business In Order

When you picked the travel agent career, did you see the whole picture at the beginning? This industry is extremely complex and has so many different “pictures”. Even after scores of years, new pictures are constantly emerging. This is what makes it exciting and challenging. Every new contact becomes a new adventure and a new “brick” for your wall of knowledge.

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Tend to Your Business

Are you a vegetable or flower gardener?

In our area we have “pea patches”. These are plots of ground that either the city or land owners give to the city to be divided up into plots for city dwellers to become “gardeners”. Our family had one when our children were young and every evening we were off to tend the garden. After 3 years of that, we put one in our back yard. After a couple years of that, it went back to grass.

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 What does Freedom mean to you?  For millions of people all over the world FREEDOM means a country free from a dictator.  We are seeing signs of people wanting FREEDOM every day.   For a family living in poverty, FREEDOM  means being able to have food to eat and a place to sleep out of the […]

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